When: 27th-29th June 2018


Where: Braeside             








Yr 4 Residential Trip to Braeside


Friday 29th June 2018

The route for the long walk yesterday was changed and instead of going up to Roundway

Down the Yr 4s had a shady walk through woodland which they thoroughly enjoyed.


They were tired after the walk but recovered very quickly for the waterslide!

Preparations for the waterslide included covering themselves in shower gel; they had a

lot of fun!


Today they will be learning survival skills and cooking their own lunch on a fire they have

made and lit.


The children are due back to school at 2:30 and can be collected then or at the normal



Thursday 28th June 2018

The children are all very happy and had a lovely day yesterday. They enjoyed their walk

along the canal and after lunch listened very well to the low ropes and problem solving

instructions. They are looking after each other very well and showing great team work.


After an evening meal of roast turkey and lemon meringue the children completed their

evening activity, photo orienteering around the Braeside grounds.


The boys all slept very well last night; the girls are a little bit tired this morning! They’ve

all eaten a good breakfast this morning in preparation for their long walk. The walk is

going to be shorter today because of the heat and a water slide will be set up in the

Braeside grounds ready for when they return.


stackpole ev comp


When: 15th - 19th January 2018


Where: Stackpole, South Wales


Who: Year 6 






Stackpole Updates (this will be updated daily when the children are on their trip)



School Diary

Thu 18 October
Beech Class trip
Thu 18 October - 3:40PM - 6:40PM
Parents' evening
Sun 21 October - 2:00PM - 4:00PM
Garden Working Party
Mon 22 October
Oak Class trip
Tue 23 October - 3:40PM - 6:40PM
Parents' evening